Ayurvedic Nasya Treatment

What is it?

Nasya refers to nasal administration of therapeutic oil. Nasya is a part of the Panchakarma treatment where the central nervous system is cleansed through administering beneficial oils through the nostrils. The oil is customised by the practitioner based on the condition to be treated. The therapy cleanses, purifies and strengthens the nasal passages to heal underlying conditions.

Why is it Best?

Benefits for You:

Nasya is an excellent remedy for headaches, migraines, clearing the sinuses and clearing the nasal passage to enhance breathing. The process includes a point stimulating facial massage, followed by herbal steam and administration of oils through the nasal passage. The treatment also detoxes the head and neck area, cleanses and strengthens the nasal passage to enhance breathing and relieve related conditions.

The charges for this service is $80 for 45 minutes.

The Process on the Spots

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