Ayurvedic Akshi Tarpan

What is it?

Holding medicated oils over eyes and surrounding areas for certain period of time. ‘Akshi’ means eyes, Tarpan means nutrition. This process is done with different herbal medications in certain eye diseases, like refractive error, Xerophthalmia etc. and this is also a treatment to add beauty to the eyes.

Why is it Best?

Benefits for You:

In this process the eye is filled upon with medicated oil or ghee for a certain period. The patient is asked to lie down on the table comfortably. Then a circular boundary is made with a height of about one and half inch around the eye socket by using dough of black gram(masha). Then the slightly warmed medicated ghee or oil is slowly poured in this cavity, while keeping the eyes closed. During this process the patient is asked to remain calm, motionless and open and close the eyes frequently, so that it may remain well in touch with eyeball.

The Process on the Spots

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