Ayurvedic Initial Consultation

What is it?

Have you scheduled your first Ayurvedic consultation? Or are considering making an appointment? Let’s face it, you might not know anybody who has had an Ayurvedic consultation before to discuss what one is exactly like. So if you feel apprehensive about your first Ayurvedic consultation, then you are not alone. Many people feel the same way.

When getting your initial consultation, be prepared to spend about an hour with the practitioner. Ayurvedic consultation involves a thorough examination of your body through which the consultant really gets to know you. It consists of examining important areas of the body and their functioning, which reveals the balances and imbalances in your body.

Why is it Best?

Benefits for You:

Pulse – Taking the pulse is to determine one’s constitution and the current state of imbalance in the body. The pulse is taken on the right wrist for men and left for women. Ayurvedic practitioners feel the pulse to determine the strength of vata, pitta, and kapha in the body.
Urine – The color, frequency, any Pain or discomfort during urination and the quantity of ones urine can indicate their hydration level, if there is enough fluid intake, complications and dosha imbalances.
Stools – Our Daily elimination is an indication of our digestive health. The consistency of ones stools can reveal a lot about ones imbalances.
Tongue – Ayurvedic examination includes, the consultant checking the color, shape, presence of scallops on the sides, movement, coating, or cracking on the tongue.
Eyes – since the doshas affect the shape and the colour of the eyes, an eye examination is a very important part of any Ayurvedic consultation.
Nails – nails are also indicators of imbalances in the body.
General appearance – One’s body shape, colour and texture of hair and even their energy levels, can indicate the predominance of vata, pitta, or kapha in the body.

This service is $70 for 45 minutes.

The Process on the Spots

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